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Mrs. Roberts - Third Grade
Instructor: Mrs. Tracy Roberts   
Class Vision: We are kind, honest, optimistic, and fun. We are respectful to other people and their property.

Class Mission: We will always...
* Help, share, and speak kindly to each other
* Tell the truth and do our own best work
* Have a positive attitude and encourage others
* Find happiness, joy, and fun around us
* Ask before touching other people's things
*Apologize for our mistakes and forgive others

Encore Schedule

Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: Library


News & Announcements
SOL Testing Schedule
Third grade will take their SOL tests on the following dates:

Reading (part 1): Wednesday, May 11th
Reading (part 2): Thursday, May 12th

Math (all): Thursday, May 19th

*Note: If your child goes to Mrs. Kobryn or Mr. Parks, they will participate in small group or one-on-one testing, so their testing dates & times may be slightly different than the rest of the class.
Important Information
What We're Learning About:
May 2016
Students have been preparing hard for our upcoming SOL test in Reading. We took a practice SOL test and have been practicing our comprehension strategies with a variety of passages. Please continue to support your child by reviewing provided SOL study guide with them.

Students are learning how to plan, draft, and revise informational writing. They are choosing topics they know a lot about and then organizing their information into a detailed, readable format. As the year wraps up, students will continue to work on non-fiction writing and work on using various non-fiction text features (such as glossaries, headings, diagrams, etc.) to enrich their writing. We will not have spelling tests during SOL testing season.

Students finished up a unit on 2-D geometry and linear measurement and are now working on their final unit of the year: 3-D geometry, time, temperature, weight/mass, and liquid capacity. We will finish this unit before our Math SOL test on May 19th. We are also busy reviewing concepts and skills from throughout the year in preparation for the SOL.

Social Studies
Our final social studies unit will be Prince William County history and will take place in June, after SOLs are over. There is no final unit test but rather class activities and projects that account for the students' social studies grade for this unit.

Students are learning about the cycles and characteristics of the Earth, moon, and sun. Our test on this unit is on Friday, May 6th. Our final two science units of the year will be about soil and physical properties of matter.


Word Study
Weekly word study has begun. Students will have words glued in their agendas weekly. In the beginning, we will be reviewing high frequency words. These are words you have to memorize the spelling. Please practice before the test on Friday. In a few weeks, the students will receive five high frequency words to memorize and a pattern for the week. You can help your child prepare for the pattern words in the following ways:
1. Read and hunt for words with the same pattern
2. Cut words out of a magazine with the same pattern to make a collage
3. Give you child words with and without the pattern. Have them sort them into pattern and not pattern words.
4. Brainstorm a list or search around the house for items that follow the pattern. Try to spell them correctly making sure to correctly apply the pattern.
If your child misplaces their spelling words, you can locate them on the third grade webpage.
For access to your child's school information, including grades, you must sign up for a Parent Portal account.

1. Go to the Victory Website:
2. Click Parent Portal on the left side.
3. Click on Parent Portal Link.
Great Resources

Please check out our Instructional Technology website for great online instructional resources.
Weekly Homework
Homework packets will be passed out every Monday and are due on Friday.
Please help your child manage their time to complete these activities. We also recommend that your child reads at least 20 minutes nightly. Thank you for your help and support!
Third Grade Information Page
Please check out our grade level website as well! Monthly Paw Prints will be posted to the grade level page.
Spelling Words!
Students will be bringing home their first list of spelling words the week of September 21st. For the first few weeks, spelling words will be 10 high frequency words. High frequency words are common words that kids should know how to read and spell.

After a few weeks, we will switch to having 5 high frequency words to practice at home, and 5 pattern words that we practice at school. Look for more information to come home soon regarding spelling in third grade!
All About Homework
Homework packets come home on Mondays and are due on Fridays. They consist of two reading passages with questions, and two math pages. Ideally students will do one page a night, but because students have all week to complete them, there is flexibility in how they are completed. Do what works best for your family. Students should complete assigned homework on their own, but parents are encouraged to check over or discuss homework to help their child or get a feel for what we are working on in class.
What We're Learning About
No "Homework" exist(s)
Our Class Schedule:

8:50 -- Arrival
9:00-9:45 -- SS/Sci
9:45-10:30 -- Encore
10:30-12:15 -- Lang. Arts
12:15-12:45 -- Lunch
12:45-1:30 -- SS/Sci
1:30-2:10 -- Math
2:10-2:25 -- Recess
2:35-3:00 -- Math
3:00-3:35 -- Core Extension
3:40 -- Dismissal


+ Roberts, Tracy
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